VOTE for Gulfport’s 2018 Gecko Ball Theme!

25 Aug 2018

Contact: John Haugen, (727) 623-0524;

GULFPORT, FLORIDA: Organizers of Gulfport’s annual Gecko Ball are encouraging the public to vote now on the theme of next year’s event. Saturday, August 25, 2018 will be the date of the Tenth Annual Gecko Ball, building on the tradition of this ever-popular event. The Ball has taken on many other memorable themes in past years, including “Geckos in Wonderland!” (2010), “The Lizard of Oz!” (2011), “Hooray for Geckowood!” (2012), “Gecko Night Fever!” (2013), “Roaring Geckos!” (2014), “Gecko Gras!” (2015), ”20,000 Geckos Under the Sea!” (2016) and the theme of the most recent Ball, “Geckostock!” Each theme inspires its own array of costumes, décor, drinks, food and music.

Event organizers and volunteers have narrowed the choices to these five for public voting:

Cirque du Gecko! (a celebration of cirque and circus characters and pageantry)

Gecko Superheroes and Villains! (a celebration of comic book and movie superheroes and villains)

Geckos on Broadway! (a celebration of classic Broadway productions, music and characters)

Rock and Roll Geckos! (a celebration of classic rock and roll, from its birth in the 1950s to present day)

The Rocky Horror Gecko Show! (a celebration of the iconic cult classic movie, its music and characters)

To vote for one of these themes, visit and send a private message to event organizers. Public Facebook posts will not be counted as votes. Or vote by email to Please use only one method to vote and cast only one vote per person. Voting will be held through October 31st. The theme with the majority of votes will be announced after votes are counted.

The chosen theme also extends to Gulfport’s other Gecko events celebrated at the end of summer each year, including the 2018 Art Gecko Show, Gecko Crawl and GeckoFest. All Gecko events are sponsored by the non-profit Gulfport Merchants Association. A portion of proceeds from events is offered to non-profit charitable causes each year. For more information, contact John Haugen by email to

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