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Brenda McMahon has been a professional ceramic artist since 1995. She was born in New York City and raised in Queens, but spent much of her two decade ceramic career living in rural outskirts. Brenda currently resides & works in Gulfport, FL a small artist enclave community she proudly calls home.

Brenda’s one-of-a-kind meditative vessels are inspired by Japanese traditional ceramics with soft colors and a satin porcelain surface. On the wall, Brenda uses clay as a three-dimensional canvass allowing her to sketch, carve and texturize the surface as she designs her ceramic wall art.

Fresh out of the bag, clay has a plasticity that yields to her hands, recording each moment and line. Brenda’s use of color and reflection of light directs her glazing mastery while the nuance of those results leaves the viewer both intrigued and enthralled.

Brenda McMahon travels both nationally & internationally presenting her award winning work. As her hands transform the clay, her interactions with clients across the country has transformed her ceramic expression and thus, her life. Brenda welcomes commissions both small and large.

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